To create a new event in the Charity calendar, choose the ‘Events’ module by either clicking the icon, or selecting it from the dropdown menu. You will then see all the events which have already been created.

If you are a multi-location Charity, you can choose to view events for a specific location using the dropdown on the top right.

To create an event, click the ‘New Event’ button above the calendar. Select the location at which the event will take place (if you only have one location, you will not see this option).

Next, enter the Event Name.  If this is an event you have held before, select the event from the dropdown menu.  If it’s a brand new event, select ‘New Event’ and enter the event name in the text box.

The ‘Event View’ allows you to set the event as a single event or as part of a series of events.  Alternatively, the event can be set to private or rota only.  Events set as ‘Public One-Off’ or ‘Public Series’ will appear on the dashboard under ‘7 Day Event Cast’. ‘Private’ events will only appear on the dashboard of people invited to the event and ‘Rota Only’ events will appear under ‘Rotas’ on the dashboard of those who are on the rota.

You can then enter the time and date of the event.

If you want Group leaders to be able to mark attendance of members of their Group at this event, tick the ‘Take Attendance’ checkbox.

If the event is a repeating event, you will need to tick the ‘Repeat Event’ checkbox. You can then choose whether the event will repeat Daily, on All Weekdays, Weekly or Monthly.  You can then set the frequency with which the event will repeat and choose whether the event will run indefinitely, have a set number of repeats or end on a specified date. Once you have completed this section, click ‘Create Event’. You will then be able to see the event in your calendar.

To edit an event, click on the event you wish to edit. On the right-hand side, you have the option to edit, delete or invite people to the event. To edit the event, click the pencil icon.

You can change the name or the time of the event, if the event is part of a series, this will change every event in the series.  Changing the date will only affect the event you are editing.

Once you have changed all the necessary details, click ‘Save’.

If an event is set as Private, you will need to invite the people you would like to attend, though people can be invited to any event in your calendar.

Private events will be marked in the calendar with a small padlock symbol. Click on the relevant event, and then on the megaphone icon on the right-hand side.     

You can then choose a Circle of people to invite. If you do not wish to invite a particular member of the circle, you can remove them from the invitation list for this event by clicking the red X next to their name.

Type your invitation or message in the text box, and then click ‘Invite People’.

If you click on the event after sending your invitations, you will see a list of the people you have invited and whether or not they have accepted the invitation.

To delete an event from the calendar, click the event you wish to delete and click the red bin icon on the right hand side.  If the event is part of a series, you will have the option to delete just the event you have clicked on, all future events in the series or the entire series.  Any rotas associated with the event will also be deleted.