Import Bank Statements

First download your bank statement from your online banking. Ensure you save the file as a CSV. This is important as other files types such as Excel or PDF wont be recognised by the system.

Now go to the finance module and click on 'Import CSV' on the left, click 'Select CSV' and choose your bank statement file.

Choose the correct column headings for each of the columns in your spreadsheet, you need to select only 3 columns – date, description and amount, and click 'Import CSV'.

The first time you import a CSV there will be a bit of work to do so the system assigns the giving to the correct Designations and to the correct Giving IDs, but the system remembers the information you input and, in subsequent months, there will be far less work to do.

The first thing to do is go through and get rid of any transactions that we do not need to import. This is likely to be any income such as payment for room hire or sales of products, etc. Go down the list and tick the checkbox next to any transactions that are not relevant. Then click 'Delete Records' at the top of the list and these transactions will disappear.

The next thing we need to do is assign a Giving ID and Campaign to each transaction. If you need to assign the same Campaign to a lot of the transactions then you can check all of these transactions, type the Campaign code into the Campaign box at the top and then click 'Assign Campaign to .. Records' to assign it to the checked transactions. You can do the same for Giving IDs if someone has given multiple gifts.

After completing any batch assigning you now need to go through individual transactions and add the correct Giving ID for each one. The system will auto complete the gift aid box as it will know from the person’s profile if they gift aid their giving. If the person does not yet have a Giving ID then you can click 'Add New Giving ID' at the top right of the screen, to create one for them.

Once each of the transactions has a giving ID and a Campaign you can click on 'Import All' at the top to import the transactions into the system. You can then view these in the individuals giving profiles and in the main Transaction View.