Recommended Hardware

We are really excited about the Child Check-in facility and have had some great feedback from clients that have been using this.

To use the full features of Child Check-in there are some hardware items which you will need to purchase.

Wristbands for each child and a barcode scanner connected to either a tablet, laptop or computer either by wireless Bluetooth or wired connection. 


We have sourced a wrist band provided that can provide barcoded wristbands for the following prices.  These wristbands can be branded with your own logo and come in a variety of colours. (Click on MISC and there are special iKnow wristbands at a reduced rate)

Cards for Adults

We recommend using Avery Business Cards (which can be purchased from shops such as Staples) and then using Avery's online software to generate and merge the names and barcode numbers from iKnow. You could also just print these onto normal card, and then cut these yourself rather than using Avery Business Cards.


A Bluetooth enabled Windows or Android tablet is best and there are a variety of providers available. iPads can also be used although iOS devices can sometimes prevent the keyboard from working when a scanner is connected.  Google Chrome is the best browser to use for Check-in and Check-out when on a tablet device.

Lockable Tablet Holders

These can be purchased from different providers and allow the tablets to be secured to a desk. Please ensure that if you order a holder that they are for the correct size of tablet. 

Example tablet holder from Amazon

CCD ScannerScanners

Either laser or CCD scanners can be brought from a range of suppliers. If using a wireless bluetooth scanner then we would recommend that you purchase a scanner that can be turned off and on quickly so that the keyboard can be activated when needed. 

These are some of the scanners you might want to consider. Please note that we cannot offer support for these. If you are using a laser scanner then it is the churches responsibility to ensure appropriate training is given on the use of these. 


Unitech CCD Bluetooth Scanner - (currently £111.59 each from Barcode Warehouse)

Unitech CCD wired Scanner - (currently £45 each from Barcode Warehouse)