Add a Person

To add new people into iKnow, you will need access to the ‘People’ module. You can ask your iKnow administrator to give you access if you don’t already have it.

Click the ‘People’ icon on the dashboard, or select it from the dropdown menu, to be taken to the ‘People’ module.

To add a new person, click the ‘Add Person’ button, which you will find at the top right of the screen. You will then need to add some details for the new person.

The minimum information you need to add is a name; if you want them to be able to log in to their iKnow profile, you will also need to add an email address. The email address will then act as the username and is where the password will be sent once the profile is complete.

If you have a photo of the person, and they are happy for you to add it, this can be done by clicking ‘Change Image’ followed by ‘Upload Image’. This will allow you to select the image from your computer’s hard drive. Alternatively, if they have a Twitter profile, you can add their Twitter handle and the profile image they have on Twitter can be used in iKnow.

If the new person is a regular attender then the ‘Contact Type’ should be set to ‘Member’. Otherwise, this can be set according to their relationship with the charity, for example, the window cleaner may be listed as ‘Corporate’. You will only be charged for people who are set to ‘Contact Type’ ‘Member’. You will not be charged for other contact types, nor for Carity members who are under 17 years of age. You can ensure this by entering a Date of Birth for each person. If no Date of Birth is entered, it will be assumed the person is over 17 years old.

If the person is new to the charity, you can leave the ‘New Person’ check box ticked, otherwise it can be unticked.

If the person has indicated how they would prefer to be contacted, the relevant check boxes under ‘I am happy to be contacted by:’ can be ticked, or unticked, as required.

Adding as much information as you can, in the ‘Edit Person’ tab will make iKnow a more useful tool, so there is value in completing as much as you can. Once all the details you have are completed, click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.

To add the new person’s address, you will need to click the ‘Family/Address’ tab. Their address can then be added into the relevant fields. A land line phone number can be added here, as well, if they have one. When the address has been added, click the ‘Save’ button to save the details. You can now click the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the window, to close it, and you should be taken to the new person’s profile in the ‘People’ module.

To add another member of the same family, click the ‘Add Person’ button at the top right of the screen. Enter their details and click the ‘Save’ button. Click the ‘Family/Address’ tab and in the search bar, labelled ‘postcode or surname…’, type either the postcode or surname of the family. In the list that appears below the search box, click the entry that includes the other member, or members, of the family. The address will automatically be added for you and you will see the other members of the family appear under ‘People at this address’. If you are adding a child to the family, you will need to click the ‘Relation to Family’ button so that it changes to ‘Child’. Once all the details are correct, click the ‘Save’ button. You can then click the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the window, to dismiss it and be taken back to the ‘People’ module.

You can check that the new person has been added to the family by clicking on the ‘Family’ tab. You should see all members of the family listed. If you have a large number of people to add, you can use our ‘Data Importer’ which allows you to do a bulk import from a CSV file. This will be covered in more detail in another video.

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