Journey Items

To add Journey items and set up your discipleship journey, go to Settings and click 'Journey'

You will see a list of Journey items already in the system.

There are 2 Journey items that cannot be deleted but can be renamed. These journey items will be marked as completed automatically when someone is added to a Group or Team. You will see a message explaining this next to these items. You can start by changing the names of these Journey items to something that matches your church vocabulary.

Next you can start to delete, add or rename other Journey items.

To delete an item, simply click on the red button next to the name of the relevant Journey item. Please note that if you have already added some journey items to people’s profiles, or have imported information, then it is important that you rename items and don’t delete them, otherwise you will lose the imported information.

To rename an item, simply click in the text box and type the new name. Remember that if you have already imported journey completed information then you need to ensure that the new name you type means the same thing. For example you may choose to rename 'Staff' to 'Joined a Team'. If you change 'Staff' to 'Volunteer', for example, the dates you have imported showing when people became Staff will now show as when they became a Volunteer.

To add a new item click on the blue 'Add New Journey Item' button and a new Journey item will appear at the bottom of the list for you to name.

Each of the Journey item boxes can be dragged and dropped to change the order they appear in. To change the placement of an item, simply click somewhere in the relevant items grey bar and drag it up or down the list. The items at the top of the list should be the items you expect people to complete first.

When you are happy with the names and order of the steps, simply click 'Save All' at the top of the page.