Custom Fields

iKnow gives you the ability to store a lot of useful information about every person in your database, but there may be some things that are not available in the fields we have already given you.  Custom Fields allow you to add the extra fields that you need.

Access Custom Fields

To access Custom Fields, go to Settings, from the Dashboard or the dropdown menu, and click Custom Fields.

The first time you access Custom Fields you will see that there is a section already set up, called Default People.  This section contains all the fields that are used in the Add Adult or Add Child pages, and also on the Edit Person page of a person’s profile.  You can see all the fields listed by clicking the arrow on the right of the section header.

Many of the fields have a blue person icon on the left and a green tick icon on the right.  

The blue person icon indicates that the field is available in the Me section, so people can update the field when they log in to iKnow, by clicking Me on the Dashboard.  If you don’t want people to be able to update these fields in the Me section, click the blue person icon. An ‘x’ will appear next to the icon to indicate it is not available in the Me section.

The green tick icon indicates that the field is available in the Add Adult or Add Child page and in the Edit Person page.  If you don’t want a field to be available in these locations, click the tick. The tick will be greyed out to indicate it is not available in those areas.

The sections that don’t have a blue person or green tick icon are mandatory fields and cannot be hidden.  

The sections that have a green tick icon, but no blue person icon, are not available in the Me section.

Add Custom Fields

You can add your own Custom Fields by clicking the Add New Section button, at the top of the page.  You will first need to add a Section, you can then add Fields to that Section.

The minimum information you need to add, to create a new Section, is a Section name.  If you are a multi location charity and this section is only relevant to a specific location, or locations, tick the checkbox next to the relevant site names, otherwise select ‘All Locations’.

You can decide if this Section will appear on all profiles, or just adults, or just childrens profiles by selecting the relevant option from the dropdown menu.

If you want people to be able to complete the details on their own profile, you will need to click the switch for ‘Me’.  To make the Section appear in the Add and Edit areas, you will need to click the switch next to ‘Live’. If you don’t choose to make the section Live, it won’t appear anywhere in iKnow.

You can then decide which Admin Groups will be able to View and Edit this Section.  If you don’t select any Admin Groups, the section will not be visible to anyone, or editable by anyone.

Once you have completed all the options, you can click the Save button to save your new Section.

To add Fields to your new Section, click the ‘Add New Field’ link.  You will need to give your field, at least, a name. You can then decide the type of field by selecting from the options in the dropdown menu.  If you choose Select, Radio or Checkbox, you will see a new field appear, labelled ‘Answers’. You can add the different options for your dropdown, radio buttons or checkboxes, here.

As with Sections, you can decide whether this field will be available to Everyone, just adults or just children, by choosing an option from the dropdown menu.  You can also decide if the field will appear in the ‘Me’ section, for the user to complete themselves, or not, as well as if the field is Live.

When you have completed the form, click the Add Field button to add the field to your Section.  You can then add subsequent fields by clicking the Add New Field link.

View and complete Custom Fields

When you add your Custom Fields, you will see a new tab on people’s profiles with the name of your new Section.  If you click on this tab, you will see the new fields listed along with any data that has been added to them.

To fill in the Custom fields, click the Edit button on the person’s profile and you will see the custom fields on the Edit Person page.

If the fields have been set to be visible in the Me section, anyone with an iKnow log in can access them by clicking ‘Me’ at the top of the Dashboard, or selecting ‘My Profile’ from the Dropdown.