Youth Check-in

Youth Check-in works alongside the Child Check-in module and allows you check-in older children without their parents being present.

To use Youth Check-in for one of your events, you will first need to activate it for that event.

This is done by going to ‘Settings’ and clicking ‘Check-in’.  Next, locate the event you want to activate Youth Check-in for, in this case ‘Friday Night Youth’, and click the ‘Edit’ button.

In the ‘Edit Class’ window, select the checkbox labelled ‘allow check-in without parents’ in the ‘Attach to Event(s)’ section.  Finally, click the ‘Save’ button to save your changes.

When using Youth Check-in, you have the option to use barcodes in the same way as you would using Child Check-in, but they are not required.

To use the Youth Check-in, go to the ‘Check-in’ module.  Check-in will be available for 2 hours prior to the start of the event.

Click ‘Launch Check-in’ at the top of the screen, choose the relevant event and then choose the ‘Check-in mode’ which should be ‘Check-in WITHOUT parents’.

To check in someone who is already a member of the class, start typing their name in the ‘Enter Name’ box, then, when their name appears in the list below, click on it.

To help parents keep track of where their children are, and to ensure that they have been given permission to be at the event, a text message and email will be sent to parents who haven’t already confirmed that they are happy for their children to attend this event.  If you don’t need this request for approval to be sent, you can untick the checkbox on the ‘Confirm Check-in’ page.

Click ‘Confirm’ to check the child in and you will then be taken back to the Check-in page so that you can check in the next person.

If you are checking in a guest, or someone who is not already in iKnow, click the ‘First time user/Guest’ button.

First, you will need to enter the details of the child’s Parent or Guardian. Then, click ‘Continue’, and enter the Child’s details.

If this is going to be a one off visit and you don’t need to store the Parent or Guardian and Child’s details, click the ‘One time guest only’ checkbox.  If this is not checked the details of the Parent or Guardian will be added to ‘Pending People’ and the details of the Child will be added to ‘Pending Children’ in the ‘People’ module.

When all the details have been added, click the ‘Check in and inform Parent/Guardian’ button and an email and text message will be sent to the details provided for the Parent or Guardian to allow them to confirm that they are happy for their child to attend.

If the child has come with a brother or sister, you can click the ‘Add another child’ button to add their details, otherwise, click the ‘Finish’ button.  You will then be returned to the ‘Check-in’ page to check in the next person.

To check your youth out at the end of the event, go to the Check-in module, click the ‘Launch Check-out’ button and choose the event you are checking people out of.

Start typing the name of the person you are checking out, then select their name from the list that appears below.  Click the ‘Confirm’ button to check them out and then click the ‘Finish’ button to be returned to the ‘Check-out’ page where you can continue to check out the next person.