Recording Event Donations

iKnow allows you to record any giving that takes place at your charity, whether that’s by cash, cheque or debit and credit cards.

One off donations are recorded against the Event that the money was given at, so as long as the event is in your Events Calendar, you can record the giving for it.

To record giving for an event, go to the Donations module on the Dashboard, or in the dropdown menu, and click ‘Event Giving’ in the left hand menu.

On the calendar that appears, click the relevant date and then select the service from the list that comes up below the calendar.  You will then be taken to a Summary page for that event.  From here, you are able to record your giving.

There are two options for recording your giving.  You can record unidentified giving, which is usually cash, and you can record giving where you can identify the giver, usually cheques or giving envelopes.  Being able to identify your givers allows you to claim Gift Aid on their giving and produce Giving Statements for them, at the end of the year.

To record your cash giving, you will need to click the Banking tab at the top of the page.  You can either enter an amount, ie £100, or the number of notes or coins you have.  iKnow will calculate the total for you and you can then click the Save button.

To record giving where you can identify the giver, you will need to click the Transactions tab.  To add a transaction, click the Input Transactions button.

You can add a default Campaign and default Source, at the top of the page.  These won’t be added to the first transaction, but will be added to each subsequent transaction.  This allows you to enter all the giving for Tithes all together, for example, or all the cheques.

To enter a transaction, enter the Giving ID, by typing the person’s name or Giving ID, and selecting them from the list that appears.  If the giver has been set as eligible for Gift Aid, the Gift Aid checkbox will be ticked automatically.  Add the relevant Campaign, Source and amount, you can add the next transaction by clicking the ‘New Row’ button at the top of the page.

If the transaction you are adding is a card payment, make sure the Source has been selected as ‘D/C Card’ and click the card icon on the right hand side.  This will bring up a pop up window, the name and address will be automatically populated from the persons’ iKnow profile.  You will then need to add the card details and click ‘Process Card’.  

When the payment is successful, the button in the Card column will turn green.

When all of your transactions have been added, click the ‘Save & Close’ button, at the bottom of the page.  The Transactions tab will then show a list of all the transactions you have entered.  If you need to make any alterations to the transactions entered, click the pencil icon on the left of the transaction.

You can, now, go back to the Summary tab, where you will see a breakdown of the giving you have added.