Adding a Group

New groups are added to iKnow in the ‘Settings’ module.

Click the ‘Settings’ icon, or select it from the dropdown, and then click ‘Groups’.

In the Group settings page, click the ‘New Group’ button at the top of the page.  You can then add the details of your new group.

Adding an address for the group will mean that the location appears in the ‘Map App’ in iKnow, but this is optional.

You are able to set an upper limit for the number of members allowed in a group by setting the ‘Capacity’.  If you don’t want an upper limit, check the ‘Unlimited’ check box.

You can allow people to apply to join groups from their own iKnow profiles, this can be restricted to only people in the same location that the Group has been created in, or it can be unrestricted.

The ‘Description’ will be shown to people applying to join a group.

People can apply to join a group by clicking ‘Groups’ on their iKnow dashboard.  If there are any groups they can apply to join, they will see a ‘Groups you can apply to join’ section.  They can then just click the group they want to join and click the ‘Apply’ button.  There is an option to add a message, but this is not mandatory.  

The group leader will receive an email to notify them that an application has been made to join their group.  They can choose to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ the application by clicking ‘Applications’ at the top of the Group page and then the relevant button.  The applicant will receive an email to notify them whether their application has been accepted or rejected.

If the option to allow applications is set to ‘None’, people can only be added to the group by someone with the correct permissions in iKnow.