Setup Room Booking

The room booking module in iKnow allows you to keep track of when rooms are being used and by whom.  It also allows you to allocate different equipment, or assets, to the rooms.

Before you can book rooms through iKnow, you need to set up the Room Booking module.  This is done by going to settings and clicking Room Booking.

If you are a multi-location charity, you can select the correct location in the drop down menu at the top of the page.

Before adding the rooms to the system, we need to add the Assets that will be available to the different rooms, as well as the different layouts and categories that can be used.

To add Assets, click the Assets tab.  This allows us to set which items of equipment are available to be used in the rooms.  Assets can be added to categories, to make allocation easier.  So, for example you may have several projectors which could go into a Projector category.  To add an Asset Category, click the ‘Add Asset Category’ button.  Enter a name for the category and a description, then click the ‘Add Asset Category’ button.

Once your Asset Categories have been created, you can add Assets for your rooms.  Click the Add Asset button.  Give the asset a name and description and add it to a category, if required.  If the asset cannot be moved from the room, for example, a projector fixed to the ceiling, you can mark it as ‘Fixed’.

To add Room Layouts and Room Categories, click the Preferences tab at the top of the page.

Room Layouts are the different ways that rooms can be set up, depending on what they are to be used for.  For example, you may have a room that is used for a Parent and Toddler group and can be used for business meetings, you would want the room laid out differently for each.

Click the Add Layout button and give your Layout a name. Click Add Layout to save.

Room Categories allow you to define the use of the room and who may book it.  For example, some rooms may only be available for the charity to use, while others are available for the community or local businesses.

Click the Add Category button and enter a name for the category, click the Add Category button to save.

Finally, we can add our rooms to iKnow by clicking the Rooms tab.

Click the ‘Add Room’ button. You will see the Room Layouts, Room Categories and Assets that you have previously added.

Enter a name for the room and a description.  You can also set a Capacity for the room, to indicate how many people can fit into it.  The Background Colour and Text Colour define the colours that will be used on the Room Booking calendar for this room.  You can then decide which Layouts, Categories and Assets can be applied to this room.  You will only be able to add Fixed Assets that have not been added to another room, already.

Once you have completed the details, click the Create Room button to add the room.  You will now be able to book it through the Room Booking module.  Creating Room Bookings is covered in the Managing Room Booking video.