Adding Designations and Campaigns

Designations and Campaigns allow you to categorise the giving that comes in to the charity.  A Designation can be seen as a folder that allows you to group similar Campaigns together.

To add new Designations and Campaigns, you will need to go to the Donations and Gift Aid module by clicking the icon on the Dashboard or in the dropdown menu.  Click Designations & Campaigns in the left hand menu and any that have already been created, will be listed.

To add a new Designation or Campaign, you will need to click ‘create new’ at the bottom of the list, which will open a pop up window.

In the window, you can enter a name for your new Campaign and give it a Campaign Code.  If you are aiming to raise a specific amount, you can add a Campaign Goal, and if there is a specific timescale, you can add a start and end date.

If this Campaign is to be added to an existing Designation, select the Designation from the Select Designation drop down list.  If you need to create a new Designation, select ‘Add New Designation’.  If you don’t want the Campaign to come under any Designation, select ‘Stand Alone Campaign’.  If you are creating a new Designation, you will need to add a Designation Name and a Designation Code.  Finally, select a Designation Type from the ‘Select Type’ drop down and click the ‘Create Campaign’ button.

The new details will appear in the list on the left.