Email Manager

To access Email Manager, first go to the Settings module via the dashboard or dropdown menu, and click on ‘Email Manager’.

The first option you will see is Password Reset Requests. This is used to specify the email addresses to which password requests will automatically be sent from users who have forgotten their password and have not been able to successfully answer the security questions posed to them by iKnow.

Secondly is Address Change Requests.  People are not able to update their own addresses directly in iKnow, they will need to Submit a Change of Address.  The Change of Address request will be sent to the email address, or email addresses that you add here.

Third and Fourth are the Join Team Requests and Join Group Requests.  People are able to submit a request to join a group or a team, from the mobile app.  The requests will be sent to the email addresses that are added here, so that they can be passed on to relevant team, or group, leaders.

Finally, the Finance Officer email address, or addresses, is where emails confirming successful Gift Aid claims, or notifying of failed claims, will be sent.

Email addresses can be added to any of the sections in the Email Manager by clicking the ‘Manage’ button on the right hand side.  You have the option to add as many email addresses as you need, and these can be people with an iKnow profile, or people who are not in your iKnow database.  To add someone from your iKnow database, click the ‘New’ button and start typing their name in the box labelled ‘name…’.  You can then select the correct person from the list that appears.  To add someone who is not in your iKnow database, just type their email address into the text box labelled ‘email…’ and click the ‘Add’ button.  To remove a person from an email list, click the ‘Remove’ button.  Once you have added all the email addresses you need, click ‘Close’, at the bottom of the window and your changes will be saved.